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Youth is not a season, no country fragrance
2018-1-8 13:50:48

We bring the fragrance is a fresh and stimulating smell, make people refreshed, cheerful, welcomed by the people. OGGNE (欧嘉尼) to the development of fragrance has now become the various places of the air and improve essential goods, with more and more types of fragrance into people's vision, the use of perfume merchants face is how to choose the problem, because in the different time, different places, different people need the fragrance is not the same, the use of fragrance the nature will play a multiplier effect. Following a brief introduction in different situations for which fragrance. 

With the alternation of seasons, air humidity and temperature changes, so in different seasons to choose suitable fragrance is very necessary.

Spring: low temperature when the spring has not fully warmed up, climate has begun to slowly turn to damp, so the fragrance of the relatively low volatility is relatively low. When OGGNE (欧嘉尼) recommended more fresh and elegant fragrance, close to nature (such as tea, natural spirit etc.). The indoor and outdoor fragrance and bring you Spring is in the air. side by side, is full of life breath of spring.   

Summer: summer weather is hot, the temperature is higher, due to air conditioning leads to indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, suitable for the volatile fragrance, then OGGNE (欧嘉尼) a strong point of the recommended oil (such as rosemary, bergamot orange etc.). When you from the hot outside into the room, the oncoming is refreshing breeze and fresh fragrance, the feeling is so comfortable.

Autumn: in most parts of the fall, the climate is dry, the temperature is gradually decreasing, and the air is gradually drying up. At this time you can try OGGNE (欧嘉尼) is thick, moisturizing effect is good fragrance (such as rose, sandalwood, etc.) will not let you feel the air in the bleak autumn autumn, dry, aromatic thicker.

Winter: the lowest temperature during the winter, the air circulation is weak, due to the heating of the indoor air quality will lead to a worse time, OGGNE (欧嘉尼) answer will be easy to volatilize sweet fragrance and spicy flavor comparison (such as the Ge Sanghua Alps, etc.), the thick fragrance to go cold and dry that brings the warm spring and intoxicating aroma. Space is more important for the choice of different fragrance, space due to the different needs of structure and ventilation of the collocation of different fragrance, so as to make the entire space to achieve the real effect of fragrance.

In hotels, restaurants and other open space, because the air flow smoothly, and the flow of people is relatively large, relatively suitable for placing fresh plants and fruit fragrance (such as lavender), which can increase the sense of identity of customers to the hotel and meet the appetite, to provide customers with the best quality service, enhance customer the purpose of viscosity, increase the turnover.

In the cinema, theater and other than the enclosed places, because this kind of site design is closed, and the audience in a quite long time, so that a little plain elegant fragrance (such as the heart of the ocean), let the audience enjoy the movie at the same time can obtain the smell of enjoyment, is a money spent two, enjoy the service.

In 4S stores and shopping malls, which places large area, good ventilation, in comparison to the customer. It is suitable for some of the more intense fragrance (Rose), research shows that: strong fragrance and fast-paced music to help customers make purchase decisions quickly, so as to achieve the purpose of transaction.

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