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But surging, met another own
2018-1-11 14:52:22

Fragrance of the numerous types of fragrance oil flavor is each one has its own merits. But not all fragrances are suitable for every person or every place, nor the fragrance the more expensive the better, more concentrated. But to do the right balance, different fragrance in different seasons and places to play the effect is different. In order to make everyone better use of fragrance, OGGNE (欧嘉尼) to explain what fragrance for which the crowd.

For the active type of fragrance

If someone asks you, you will describe yourself as a steady person, but in real time, sometimes you have emotions, from exuberant to sad, but you don't allow yourself to always be like this. 

In the emotional issues you wish to have the initiative, you will not take the initiative to give up the. Now you may be surprised, because you are in a turbulent life with all kinds of people, but you can arrange such a life well, of course. But please give your inner world more peace! You like to travel wide, and your family - if you have it - is rarely the center of your life. 

You are interested in many things, but sometimes you are too little to think about yourself, as your life is rich and changeable, and your fragrance demand depends on feelings and emotions. 

What you love is: a little Deluxe; any kind of surprise and strong personality. Most suitable for your perfume: not so easy to find, but you often use the flowers, gentle perfume, like Rain Bamboo, fresh with a faint wild, let you enjoy your quiet and active.

Extensions of the romantic type fragrance you want to study everything in life and personal. You are not a recluse, but you can be very alone.

You don't love a central figure, but if it must be, you can also express their views, but most of these views and other common formulation to be quite different.

Any form of vulgarity can not hurt you, you are willing to walk your own way, and the road is paved with feelings. If someone hurts you, you'll hide back in your shell, and you'll have some time to reappear.

What you love is stability - not in the daily life, but in the emotional world, the emotional dialogue and the unique ideas.


The most suitable for your fragrance is like White Tea, romantic and quiet, for not noisy, not slow in no hurry, just waiting for your own romantic coming.

For the type of perfume naughty

You really like yourself that you don't feel bad at all.

You notice the good things in life, because people can only live once, this is your motto! You are optimistic and full of happiness, and you also like the character of others.

Nevertheless, you are still vulnerable, but you can cover it up very well. When you meet with something bad, you would rather do nothing better than accept other people's sympathy. So people who don't know you sometimes think you are shallow


The most suitable for your fragrance should be Fantacy, a bit naughty heart, let a person feel you are alive but somewhat inexperienced. A moreish attraction

Suitable for sensitive fragrance of your heart is delicate and sensitive.

Sometimes you set up all these features at the same time: impatient, gentle, naive, and sad. Many people can not understand your body of this kind of undercurrent, so you rarely let it out. You are very worried about the people you love, and often fear that they will lose them. You don't want to be restricted by your emotions and feelings, but you don't want to disguise either. The result is: you are conservative, do not want to want what, and few others to show your personality.

What you love is the fashion, the dream of knitting and the great love. 

The most suitable for your fragrance is Edinburgh, sensitive and passionate, charming and a little shy, the perfect interpretation of the sensitive character and charm, make your charm greatly.       

OGGNE (欧嘉尼) under the flag of 999 types, but we love 99 kinds; your imagination space, we dedicate.

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