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Retail store design must pay attention to the 3 major issues!
2018-1-16 10:24:01

Three major problems in retail store design

How do Q1: customers interact with their brands before they enter the store?

It is very important for customers to know the way to interact with the brand before they enter the store. First, in order to catch customers' motives, the two is to understand the current communication channels between the brand and consumers, so as to improve them.

Q2: what kind of experience do you want customers to get in the store?

Creating a welcome and joyful experience for the shoppers is the key to the design of all retail stores. When designing storefront, we should pay close attention to whether each design element, such as lighting, music, color matching, is consistent with the positioning of brand and product, and create a comfortable shopping space.

We should also pay attention to the coordination of these design elements on the whole. We need to consider whether the overlapped use of design elements can better show the brand and give customers a more comfortable shopping experience.

What are the feelings and experiences of the customers who come into the store by Q3:?

The customer's first impression of the store is very important. It not only affects the customer's impression of the brand, but also affects its next consumption behavior. If customers leave a good first impression on the day after, want to change this impression is the need to spend thousands of times to.

However, the customer's first impression of the store is influenced by many aspects, such as the design in the store, the service attitude of the staff, and so on. Most shopkeepers also know what kind of experience they want customers to get, but the use of various design elements is not necessarily able to provide customers with the corresponding experience.

The retail store design to the attention of fragrance

Selection of Q1: expansion tools

Potpourri popular in retail stores are: products with fragrance (bakery / coffee shop), incense candles, fragrance, fragrance cane machine etc..

For a local retail store to expand incense, can use candles or fragrance cane, like a coffee shop toilet can remove the smell of coffee fragrance with rattan, so as not to smell after the customer of the products have a bad associations; of course budget can also use the fragrance fragrance machine, because machine can achieve control of concentration and expansion the scope of incense.

For the overall expansion of incense need is the retail store fragrance machine, expanding incense machine time and concentration of fragrance is controllable, and the effect of uniform expansion incense nodead smells more comfortable.

Selection of Q2: flavor type

The selection of the fragrance type needs to take full consideration of the coordination with other design elements, the positioning of brand and product, especially the preference of the target consumer group.

If the shop for consumer groups has obvious characteristics of unity, such as women's clothing store, you can choose a more feminine flavor to attract customers, such as floral (rose, Yilan); or the male clothing store to choose a more neutral flavor, such as wood, incense and ocean tones; if the product is for public consumption the group, you need to choose a popular flavor, such as citrus.

From the international fragrance association

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