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The kingdom of roses
2018-1-17 11:35:11

From the beginning of a long time ago, the most important is the fragrance of rose plants. The Greek poet Safu (Sappho) called it "after the flower". In the early fragrance ingredients, called a "Damascus rose" (Damask Rose) of raw materials accounted for a large proportion of. This rose is the most famous origin in the Bulgarian Kazan Iraq area.

Rose petals contain very few essential oils. 300 grams of rose essential oil needs 1 tons of Damascus rose petals to extract, so rose essential oil is very scarce, and the price is also very expensive. The rose petals must be picked before the sun rises every day, and the fragrance is the most rich.

The Bulgarian people are fond of roses, calling it the "king of flowers" and respecting it as a national flower. In Bulgaria, roses can be seen everywhere in noisy towns and remote villages. In Bulgaria, there is a famous "Rose Valley".

Rose Valley Rose Perfume in Bulgaria. The appearance of pink light, with the May harvest Bulgarian rose fragrance, the name of the rose from virgin mythology of the patron saint, the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon goddess, DIAVA, since ancient times known as the "Queen of flowers" is the faithful love and witness on behalf of.

Kazanlekeshi is one of the most famous Bulgarian area planting oil rose, the Rose Valley is here. Every year in the first week of June, when the roses are competing with each other, Bulgarian people will have a grand national holiday -- the festival of roses, which is held in every village near the Rose Valley. These celebrations are called the "capital of roses".

But before that, Queen rose trials will be held. Unmarried women in the city or surrounding areas can sign up for it. After several rounds of selection, a queen of roses will eventually be selected. She will become the soul of the whole Rose Festival. The festival parade lasts for 5 days, and Rose Festival also includes rose picking rites, singing and dancing performances and parades. At the same time, you can visit rose plucking and rose extraction, rose research and rose history museum.

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