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Smell: "fragrance marketing consumer" interactive marketing mode
2018-1-22 12:00:37

It has been mentioned in many previous articles that smell can affect the mood and memory of a person. With the continuous development and occupation of visual and auditory marketers, the new sense of smell, the sense of smell, has aroused the interest of modern marketers. Marketing staff want to add sense marketing on the basis of vision and hearing, in order to achieve an omni-directional sensory experience marketing model. Once this method is mainly used in aromatherapy products sales, and now has been widely applied to various brands. Businesses gradually realize that odors, such as Logo, can be used as a unique and representative symbol of brand, so that consumers can produce the corresponding brand associations when they smell the same smell, and outline the brand image in their mind.

With the rise of fragrance market, non mainstream fragrance smell to subvert the people's understanding and expectations for the conventional odor, produce fresh stimulation experience through stimulation of the olfactory sensory nerve to the consumers. The marketing staff in addition to enhance the brand image through space perfuming forms, but also the constant pursuit of innovation, has characteristics, strange smell into retail stores, product design, in order to stimulate the curiosity of consumers, promote the interaction between consumers and brands.

Thus, from the marketing division, can be divided into two kinds of Fragrance Marketing mode:

NO.1 to establish a brand image as the main purpose, in the selection of the fragrance to establish a good brand image as the focus, in the process of marketing emphasis on brand awareness, brand formation welcome and trust in the minds of Consumers Association, and ultimately improve consumer willingness. This odor needs to be mostly representative and more common in high-end brands.

In a relatively closed environment flavoring, retail space, the use of fragrance to create a full range of senses for customer experience

Lincoln Motor Company car brand to echo the performance and the characteristics of luxury car warm in the hall, the ventilation system of the hall, the Green Tea, fenugreek and jasmine scent mixed into unique fragrance, into the exhibition hall in the air, in the multi sensory experience stressed the importance of the sense of smell.

NO.2 to promote the interaction between brands and consumers as the main purpose, the pursuit of a breakthrough in marketing by the smell of creativity, curiosity and desire to grab consumers that are willing to try in the marketing process, or to bring freshness to people's daily life is also a kind of effective way.

The first olfactory alarm clock in the world - Sensor Wake. This alarm clock has a variety of flavors such as bread, peach, strawberry, coffee and so on. It wakes consumers through the scent of the capsule, which is more comfortable and more comfortable than the way it is stimulated by sound and light.

Illuminum, a British perfume company, uses artificial glass and scented cork as an ornament for its perfume retail store. In the store, the strap down from the ceiling, provides a more direct sensory experience for consumers into the store, the smell of guide consumers to find and select your heart really want to smell.

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