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Small town story
2018-2-7 16:24:54

Austria is located in Western Europe and east of the Atlantic, and belongs to the temperate marine climate. As a result of the long-term influence of the North Atlantic warm stay, there is a paradise on earth. Here we can often see green pastures in Scotland, blue Mediterranean Sea, and ancient coniferous forests in Norway. But God often gathered thousands of pet and one in Austria, Hallstatt was named the world's most beautiful lake in the town.

Hallstatt warm, green water and blue sky, radiant and enchanting spring scene, suitable for tourism all year round. The lakeside town, standing between a steep slope and a jewel - like Lake, can be seen everywhere in a fairytale and beautiful house. Here, there is an illusion of Alice's fairyland, and you will feel the true reappearance of the real life in the fairy tale.

Is the most fascinating is that more than 3000 meters above sea level the mountains and limpid lakes, turned the place into an earthly paradise. Come here, you will be very natural and comfortable, forget the tiredness, forget the noise, forget the way home. Living in the courtyard hotel facing the lake, pushing the window to see the lake, looking at the lake on the lake, as if coming to the fairyland in the world. The millennial glaciers in the Alps are more breathtaking. A chance to enter the meandering cave, listen to the sound of the water and find the source of the water, there will be a taste of adventure in it.

You can describe the beauty of the scenery is no longer, Hallstatt has been listed as a UNESCO World Cultural heritage. The artifacts in the world cultural heritage museum are very valuable, including the clothes and salt picking tools from the original salt mines, the living utensils in the iron age, and the earliest steamboat models.

In OGGNE (欧嘉尼) sweet tour at the end, we found that even this high altitude are growing every kind of flowers, each flower is so fresh and refined, like the local people said: "our specialty is the flowers and praise the musicians of the flowers". Austria uses their musicians to conquer the world, Vienna golden palace, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Sigmund Floyd, Kafka, Carle, Haydn Czerny which is not a great teaching. These told the OGGNE (欧嘉尼) is the most natural tend to be popular, OGGNE (欧嘉尼) seek the most pure fragrance to recover the original simplicity, natural fragrance.

The freshness and quality of air are closely related to the quality of our life. Working and living all the year round without fresh air will easily lead to upper respiratory tract infection and some other respiratory diseases. Especially in the recent haze hit the national each big city, PM2.5 and PM10 so that everyone is afraid to talk about, only in a humorous tone of ridicule us is "self-reliance does not suck, Houde contained fog, fog serve the people". OGGNE (欧嘉尼) fragrance has been dedicated to improving indoor air quality and air perfuming as a goal. Let everyone breathe the most pure fragrance from the nature, improve the quality of the body and improve the efficiency of work and study, so as to achieve the purpose of high quality life. All these OGGNE (欧嘉尼) can do for you.

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