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Fragrance to rule the world
2018-2-9 15:23:31

Perfume, this noble and mysterious liquid is known as one of the most precious things God has given to mankind. It is strong, sometimes elegant, sometimes proud, and at a low profile. It is like life in the naughty elf deep, so that a better but it was bad. With the development of the times and the progress of technology, perfume that is popular in the upper reaches of the society gradually flows to the side of the ordinary people. Perfume is no longer a symbol of privilege, but a necessity to enhance the taste of life.

The historical long-standing perfume, but most of the people on the history of perfume is not very understanding, the OGGNE(欧嘉尼)to give you a different look at the popularity of perfume and perfume and fragrance history.    

The word "perfume --parfum" is derived from the word "par+fumum" in Latin. Perfume (perfume) uses the original is to thank God for.       

Ancient Rome: people believe that if the Vesta goddess's cigarettes are interrupted, Rome city will sink into the abyss of hell. Therefore, a group of female believers have sole responsibility in life, which is to keep the incense burning forever.

Egypt: the history of the use of spices can be traced back to about three thousand B.C., far earlier than the other civilizations. The earliest perfume is the Egyptians invented my incense. But because of the invention of high purity alcohol at the time, the perfumes were precisely called aromatic oils, specially made by priests and Pharaohs.        

Ancient Persia: perfume is the symbol of identity and status. In the palace, the most incense must be the emperor.

Greece: the perfume is also deified, the perfume is the invention of the gods, the smell of the smell means the arrival and blessing of the gods.       

Britain: Queen Elizabeth, a bottle of "Hungarian water" with alcohol, became a perfume.       

Italy: after fifteenth Century, perfumes were widely used and strong animal fat spices were used. It soon spread to European countries such as France, Britain and so on. In seventeenth Century, Paul Feminis prepared a wonderful liquid fragrant smell, because he was living in Cologne, it is named "cologne". Then, the Frenchman, a Frenchman who loved clothes and cosmetics, showed extraordinary enthusiasm for perfume. Up celebutante perfume become hot fashion items.

France: in the second half of nineteenth Century, volatile solvents instead of early distillation methods, especially synthetic fragrances, were born in France. Perfume is no longer limited to natural flavors, so perfume industry is developing rapidly. 

Perfume and fragrance can be said to be the same, and even can be said is not what big difference, were collected and the nature of the plant, plant essential oil from squeezed out, then use the oil stripping technology for perfumes and fragrances subdivision. The perfume is mainly used for personal, and fragrance is mainly used in various places. OGGNE(欧嘉尼)is specialized in providing various places flavored fragrance company, to explore the nature of the aromatic mission, continued the best natural fragrance to customers. OGGNE(欧嘉尼)used the self developing perfume machine to decompose the essential oil into nanoparticles, making it free volatilization in the air, with no residue and lasting fragrance. OGGNE(欧嘉尼)is a professional R & D team and Flavourists, in every aspect of excellence, which is to take the most beautiful fragrance spread to every place. OGGNE(欧嘉尼)is the most characteristic of a high quality and high service quality service group, both the pre-sale, sale and customer service, can with the most enthusiasm, the most professional skills, the most respect for every customer service beyond expectations.

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