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4 kinds of application of smell marketing
2018-3-6 10:08:06

01 fragrance advertising

Sporadic fragrance advertising also known smell advertising, refers to the implanted in advertising fragrance, in order to achieve better advertising effect.

For example, in 2014 the "Melbourne times" reported that the Australian supermarket tycoon Kors newspapers in the "smell" advertising exudes the smell of bread, let people read when unable to hide greeds.

The use of fragrance subtly in advertising can cause everyone's attention, the sudden smell often surprise and curiosity, and explore it power. In this case, the smell of advertising can well alleviate the current commercial advertising information flooding caused by consumer information receiving weakness, allow consumers to receive information in the process of active search in fragrance.

02 theme fragrance

The fragrance of the theme refers to the selected topic relevant to the theme of fragrance, make people naturally think of the theme, and create a better atmosphere of the theme.

Now use businesses on the theme of fragrance is mainly around the festival, such as IKEA's flagship store in Holland on Christmas day to spread the smell of Christmas trees, allowing consumers to stay for a longer time 54%, 7% customer satisfaction, customer retention rates increased by 6%.

The future will be more and more widespread theme fragrance, in the cultural theme of the exhibition, commercial theme exhibition, themed entertainment places can be used to improve the effect of fragrance, such as ocean marine atmosphere can be used to the perfumery for customers to create more practical atmosphere.

03 environmental fragrance

The use of environmental fragrance is mainly to optimize the environment for customers to create a more comfortable atmosphere for the consumer, improve customer impression of the shopping environment, shopping products, and thus enhance the sojourn time, and the amount of customer's consumption desire.


Wacoal fragrance underwear is that through flavoring is to give guests a clean impression, improve the customer's desire for consumption.

Many of the current shopping plaza in the use of environmental fragrance, to improve customer shopping sojourn time. And there are some hotels in the lobby, corridor and other places to use environmental fragrance, want to create a warm and comfortable feeling for the popular, Guests feel at home. walked into the hotel customers.

04 exclusive fragrance

Exclusive fragrance is also called brand fragrance, which is in the foundation of environmental fragrance, the fragrance business as a long-term brand elements, combined with other elements and marketing means, the accumulation of brand value. The environment can often replace fragrance fragrance, but not the brand.

Pioneer Singapore Airlines is the exclusive use of fragrance. Customers on a new flight can feel a special flavor that comes from the scent of a flight attendant on a new flight and on a hot towel. The smell was a room each corner, become a part of SIA company image, has been registered as a trademark, the one and only.

In addition, a number of brand hotels under the Sheraton Hotels are also designed according to the hotel style, positioning and special brand taste. Among them, Four Points & Suites Calgary West Hotel customer group is located in the 30-40 year old business guests, who are young, natural, and advocate simplicity and freedom. Therefore, the group designed its fresh "windmill flavor".

Another high-end brand, Wenstin, used white tea in the lobby and the public area. Wenstin is located in the high-end business customers, they work stressful, pressure, white tea fragrance helps to relieve pressure and relax. At the same time, the smell of white tea is consistent with the core values of Wenstin's brand "personalized, intuitive and dynamic", reflecting the healthy and positive way of life advocated by the hotel.

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