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The efficacy of aromatherapy and aromatherapy for insomnia
2018-4-26 11:13:28

In the face of insomnia problems, believe that insomnia is helpless and painful, long term, mental state will appear problems, then how to treat insomnia? Experts say, in fact, aromatherapy can treat insomnia, insomnia can be treated a lot of aromatherapy, but the treatment effect is good onion flavor, orange flavor, lavender fragrance, rose fragrance. Here is to share recommendations to treat insomnia aromatherapy.

Steps / methods:

1, onion flavor: onions contain diallyl sulfide two, Zhumian role. Before you go to bed, cut the onions into the bottle, cover them, and the bed. If you can't sleep, you can inhale the taste of onions so that your sleep quality improves.

2, orange fragrance: orange aroma can speed up the elimination of depression, and enhance the body's ability to adapt to the environment. Many white-collar workers on the scent of the orange has a special preference, except that it can sleep, but also because the orange can eliminate tension and discomfort, improve work efficiency.

3, lavender fragrance: lavender has sedative effect, is insomnia patients "good medicine", can eliminate tension, improve depression, calm anger and other functions. Sleeping on a Lavender Scented quilt can quickly get into deep sleep. There are a lot of sleep on the market of essential oil, lavender essential oil is one of the most popular sleep.

4, rose fragrance: rose flower fragrance is very strong, fragrant flowers attractive, can relax the nerves, the treatment of nervous system diseases, but also promote sleep. Rosa not only flowers can be used as medicine, its root also has medicinal, really is the whole body is treasure. Put the rose in the bedroom, not only plays the role of decoration, but also can solve the problem of insomnia.

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