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Olfactory marketing: "smell" out of business (part 1)
2018-6-22 11:38:43

Olfactory marketing has gradually become a breakthrough point to build brand image and improve brand charm. Olfactory solution companies at home and abroad also have the opportunity to develop from it.

In the classic film women by smell, the sense of smell is a unique way for blind shiffarin to understand the world. He can identify the height, hair color and even the color of his eyes by the smell of perfume.Smell in the smell library is a "magic" that evokes distant memories. The smell of dirt and storms opens doors to the past. The smell in smell marketing is a kind of commercial smell, which creates unique smell by finding the common factor of consumers' smell preference, thus shaping the charm of the brand.

Choosing a scent that deeply matches the brand connotation is the most core part of olfactory marketing. Cinema in the popcorn tastes always can give a person the feeling of a kind of happiness, and the sweet smell of seeding is likely to be the cinema, the purpose is to cooperate with the closest people to share the movie when happiness feeling, to attract more customers into consumption.Uniqueness is an olfactory marketing the basic conditions, only unique scent can smell in and build a strong connection between brand, when consumers buoyed by the smell of nature associated with a particular brand, which have the effect of brand recognition. Pushed the door and walk into any of the shangri-la hotel at that moment, the smell of its trademark to the sight will - though not everyone likes, but recognizable is extremely high, because this is unique to the taste of shangri-la.

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