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Olfactory marketing: "smell" out of business (part 2)
2018-6-23 13:48:38

According to science, the nose is one of the most sensitive organs in humans and is also the most closely related to memory and emotion. Pleasant fragrance can touch people's heart easily and bring people positive emotion and behavior. And the accuracy of olfactory memory is more than double vision, the olfactory sensory symbols such as embedded in the brand communication, will be more than the traditional dual sensory stimulation can stimulate the interest of the customers, more help to build brand recognition and loyalty. The aroma of the foundation's executive director in New York Theresa Molnar once said: "the iconic aroma is part of the" sensuous brand strategy ", has been adopted by many companies, samsung's New York headquarters, Coach and De Beers jewelry company has its own unique signature scent.

Today, some international famous brand enterprises to further improve the scent marketing already, set up according to their own characteristics consistent with its unique "tags" fragrance, make its own smell brand, sniff "and" to the broad masses of customers.

The coffee aroma of starbucks coffee leaves us a lasting memory. Starwood group, one of the world's largest hotel chains, distributes unique scents in each of its brands to impress guests and lure them back. North American BOSS will be in the form of "man" audio-visual brand slogan and in-store charm make public men smell smell organic fusion, mutual reflect, to become the seeing and hearing and smell brand model of perfect fusion.

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