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Communicate brand with smell, memory effect is 7~9 times of vision
2017-11-17 14:53:56

Since Bulova, a watchmaker in New York, USA, spent 9 dollars on baseball commercials during the baseball game in July 1, 1941, television has become the most important advertising medium for a long time.

In this era of data, the popularity of social media, especially the popularity of video sites, the Internet has become the second important advertising media.
In fact, the main commercial advertising media, such as television, Internet, radio, newspapers and so on, are based on one or more senses.
People are mainly through five senses to receive external information, the same, consumers are mainly through five senses to receive business, brand or product information.

However, according to the study of Rockefeller University, there is a significant difference in the rate of recall of information between the five senses of the human body after receiving information.

Rockefeller University experimental data
In fact, 80% of our sense of taste is produced by the sense of smell, that is, 80% of the 15% recall produced by taste is derived from the sense of smell.

In general, we can only taste four kinds of taste through the taste: sweet, sour, salty, and we enjoy all kinds of flavor when we eat, most of them are perceived by smell. Usually, we need to exhale the gas molecules from the food to the nasal cavity, so that we can taste more delicious food. It can be seen that people have the highest recall rate of the information received by olfactory (35%+15%*80%=47%), far more than the visual and auditory, is 7~9 times the visual (35%~47%).

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