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Brand introduction

Guangzhou Langhai Environment technology Company which established in 2013, is specified in scent machine and aroma essential oil. Also, we offer OEM and ODM service if customers need. With more than 4 years’ striving experiences, it has become one of the leading innovators of scent marketing technology in China, and is nationally recognized as industry experts. Also, its brand OGGNE got a wide popular all over the world, and a good reputation. Nowadays, our products has been used over 20 countries in the whole world. And it really wins a good reputation in Holland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Morocco, and so on…

OGGNE– comes from a 1937 Italian fragrance brands, 2014 formally introduced to China. Within these 80 years, we nonstop in showing our spirit basing on high quality pith and appearing classic, refined and luxurious impression.... ... Tell OGGNE fragrance of the original art!

We think the global high-end fragrance of most well-known brands to create a satisfactory target space, adhering to the "potters make every detail" brand of philosophy. Our products cover more than 20 countries around the world, such as the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Norway, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Morocco ... ... In the process of global development, integration OGGNE years of market experience and Italy accumulation of fragrance raw materials, technology and human values for the brand brings refined elegance, happiness, high-quality spatial experience. Allows you to experience the journey across the Mediterranean to the East Gate of the rich, elegant sensory journey. 
Over the years, we always maintain the extreme love for nature, selection of rare raw materials from different cities, each fragrance projects is inspired to do real things. OGGNE developing a perfume takes roughly about a year's time, during the formula through multiple tests and skin tests and strict control of portions of the deployment, our principle is to "uphold the highest quality is priceless."

OGGNE AROMA ensures customer safety with essential oils of prime quality. Every drop of our essential oils is produced strictly according to IFRA( International Fragrance Assocation) standards, and also passes all necessary official safety authenti cations like MSDS, SGS, ect.

Brand story

Elvis, OGGNE aroma current President

Elvis was a artist, at his age of 33, when he was appreciate the seas of beautiful lavender in Provence, he couldn’t help to addict to the fragrance of nature deeply. Suddenly, he yelled out unconsciously:Oh! Got New! 

Yeah, he got an idea- how to make these wonderful odors in our daily life. Then he changed his occupation to a new field he unfamiliar with- Aroma industry. And spent much of his time on researching scent machines and fragrant essential oils. Now Elvis has madeOGGNE as a brand, it has blurred many boundaries of art, not only sell incense fragrance fine oil, also various delicate aroma machine, and quite innovated in space aroma artworks for house, Office, Mall, Club, hotel and car. You can say that it likes a “DreamWorks” of art, and has burst new inspiration and design everyday! 

Brand spirit

Primary: Based on nature, environmental protection and life, turning emotions to scent

Low extravagance: We do not follow others, but stick to low-luxury design ideas, and creating the beauty things. 

Environmental protection: International top perfumers; natural plant refined essential oils from the whole world.

Art: Diverse olfactory experience, brings a different kind of "ritual" life.



OGGNE--- art and space fragrance of the creator, for you and your brand to create a unique and attractive space fragrance
OGGNE has a professional design and development team, design team to grasp the fragrance atomization of international advanced technology, the essential oil atomized into nano particles with the fragrance, the fragrance of nano particles and the air is perfect.
OGGNE has one of the most unique service team, committed to high-quality and high quality service. Whether it is pre sales, sales, or after sale, can be the most full of enthusiasm, the most professional skills, the most positive attitude to bring more than expected service for each customer.
OGGNE has a professional marketing team and Flavourists brand fragrance you create "fragrance scheme".
OGGNE can not only custom "exclusive brand flavor", also can design equipment for your new fragrance, with a central air conditioning system has uniform and continuous fragrance for your store, create a fresh and pleasant shopping environment.

OGGNE for your business and brand to create a comfortable and memorable environment, so that consumers make more in-depth brand contact, strengthen your business and brand image, space or products.

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