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Barry's smell
2016-11-24 11:46:04
Recently, the cooperation between the air fragrance and Barry, the world famous and completely unique beverage, because it is based on the Novara in 1860 remained unchanged, resulting in a perfume that is currently being used in the re discovery of red sports in Sydney in August the creation of the old Clare Inn Hotel.
Barry Gaspare the result of talent, master beverage manufacturers and founder of the company. Bali is an aromatic plant of bitter herbs, which forms an alcoholic spirit by infusion of alcohol and fruit. The remaining original formula of loyalty and keeping it strictly confidential is a task in bali. It is bright red, intense aroma and inspiring taste, a symbol of happiness and Barry kept the plot, it shows a fascinating drinking experience.
The air fragrance created coveted bitter orange and grapefruit mixed with a little taste of red sandalwood musk and jasmine masculine produces a personally on the scene experience, the taste is barre. Pleasure, pain, strong orange and fine wood evoke a passionate Italian style and excellence. In the entire event, the red Fiat 500 car will fragrance and Bally signature perfume, to ensure your luck is the ultimate style and VIP pick up.

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