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Lavender serenity
2016-11-24 13:50:22
Summer begins to fall to seasonal changes, and a quiet time and space seems to stabilize as the final night of August to arrive and leave us.
We take our time and enjoy the power of our senses to help us through the short moments. A moment immersed in the senses brings a sense of gratitude and nostalgia, like a sweet summer breath is coming to an end.
Lavender is close to the end of its popular bloom season, depending on the change that lasts from May to August. Celebrate Lavender festivals, celebrate quiet plants, have miles of amazing fields and thousands of eager people looking forward to indulging in the beauty and benefits of purple plants. In the picturesque Provence, France, lavender road provides routes to and out of the mountains, visiting wineries, farms, museums, temples, and experiencing the unique landscape and ambience of lavender fields. This is an experience that can not be missed, and a feeling in its lively illusion.
Although Provence is one of the most prominent destinations in the field of lavender, farms have emerged across the country and around the world, because it has become more likely to nurture and increase demand. Visiting a lavender farm may soon become a popular health activity, equivalent to visiting a vineyard, because more people are looking for slowing down, adjusting and relaxing.
Lavender has been referred to as treatment anxiety, depression and insomnia, and has also been found to improve memory efficiency and reduce perceived stress or pain. Just an image of a big lavender field that triggers a positive psychological reaction that brings the feeling of the end of summer. This is a search for aromatherapy because of these benefits. Once lavender is extracted and distilled, it can be used in a wide and growing range, such as beauty products, diffusion, tea and food formulations, and fabrics. Thanks to our Bumblebee friends, a softly humming haze symphony, continuing to integrate life into Lavender season.

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