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The office of fragrance physiotherapy -6 to improve the efficiency of the kind of fragrance!
2017-11-24 10:36:23

01/Sakamoto et al. Chemical senses of life sciences and medicine in the 2006 Oxford Journal

"In the working interval, the use of lavender can make the next job better."."

02/Stephen Warrenburg Gary E. Schwartz, Professor of psychology at Yale University

"Aroma can have a positive effect on negative emotions, such as anger, depression, depression and depression. Fragrance can make people happier, sexy, relaxed and positive."

Part 1

Why office needs fragrance therapy?

With the improvement of living standards, a pleasant and comfortable working environment is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Working pressure is a common problem faced by modern office workers, the pressure will not only lead to employee efficiency, but also affect the health of employees for a long time. Computer operation, is extremely scarce, the sun long time high strength work requirements, endless deadlines and so on are the main factors leading to high pressure, increasing work pressure also led to the problem of employee work efficiency is low, the work atmosphere dull tension.

However, when it comes to ways to improve the efficiency of office work, we first thought is not to estimate the fragrance of physiotherapy. But the fact is that the sense of smell is the most sensitive sensory organs, most can stimulate the brain affecting working condition, physical therapy can effectively improve the fragrance work efficiency, improve the working environment.

The crowded working space not only causes the radiation of the computer equipment to scatter, but also becomes more dull in summer, and it is easy to breed and spread the bacteria. While the general fragrance oil containing natural purifying agent, can reduce the radiation and the breeding of antiviral antibacterial, air conditioning, computer, modern office printers, fax machines and other equipment caused by bacteria.

Therefore, using natural flavoring oils can be close to nature to create a working environment, can not only relieve physical and mental health, but also improve the degree and the efficiency of the staff.

Previous research and practice show that, in the workplace with fragrance physiotherapy not only arouse employee morale, promote employees more positive / sober pleasure into work, reduce the pressure of work, improve work efficiency; can promote employees' health, reduce disease transmission rate, so that employees can work continuously, reduce sick leave time.

Hawkins show: "have fragrance oil antiviral, anti bacteria and anti fungal effect, can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria with fragrance therapy in many places." Inhalation of fragrance can awaken and stimulate hypothalamus simple fragrance space can improve the immune system, the stable blood pressure, promote digestion.

Part 2

Effectively improve the working efficiency of the 6 kinds of fragrance!

Lemon incense improves mental concentration, keeps body and mind calm, relieve boredom / anxiety / depression, and promotes blood circulation


Lavender fragrance keeps body and mind relaxed, control emotional pressure, effectively relieve brain nerve pressure, relieve headache / migraine

Jasmine Flowers relieve nerve pressure and refresh themselves to produce self-confidence / positive / active emotion


Its perfect Monday getter / work day refreshed memory / agent to improve resistance / combat relieve nervous fatigue

Osmanthus incense to prevent mental fatigue, improve concentration, clean air


Peppermint storm brainstorming is the first choice to improve thinking and thinking, and is energetic and suitable for companies / departments engaged in creative writing industry

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